The paper butterfly
Tikoda is curious about the origin of her name. Her mom explains that it means “paper butterfly” and will tell her the fabulous story behind it.


Text: Andrés Goldestein      

Illstrations: Feliciano GZ

Publisher: Comanegra (Spain)

The story of the well

Falling into a well

and no one finding you

can be bad luck

or something wonderful.


Text & illustrations: Feliciano GZ

I live in a malva house

The “Malva House” is a building in Gijón which serves as a refuge for women who have been victims of abuse, along with their sons and daughters. The life of those childs, and the importance of a reference home for children is the driving force for this story.


Text: Iris Díaz Trancho    

Illustrations: Feliciano GZ

Publisher:  Pintar Pintar (Spain)

The black tree

A child survives alone in a city devastated by war. When there is nothing left, imagination prevails.


Text & illustrations: Feliciano GZ

The tin cat

In a city as strange as any other, the tin cat loves the daisies of the red building, the blue man watches over the cat and the flowers, and the yellow lady receives mysterious letters.


Text & illustrations: Feliciano GZ

The impossible melody
Jasmine wants to play on the piano that strange melody she hears everywhere, but there is no way, the keys seem not to be enough. It’s an elusive melody.


Text & illustrations: Feliciano GZ

Children stories in black and white

Novels for teenagers and children illustrated in black and white.


Text: Eric Kahan Gale, Lolita Boch, Jorge Accame, Virgínia Martínez, M. Àngels Bogunyà, Olga Monkman, Rodolfo del Hoyo.

Illustrations: Feliciano GZ

Publisher: Alfaguara, Edelvives, Edebé (Spain), Sudamericana (Argentine)

Big book of detectives

Adaptation of classic stories and curiosities about literature’s famous detectives, such as Sherlock Holmes, Auguste Dupin, Hercule Poirot, Maigret, Miss Marple and Sam Spade among others.


Text: Joan y Albert Vinyoli    

Illustrations: Feliciano GZ

Publisher: Parramón (España), Mandolin (Turkey)

School books

Illustrations for various school textbooks.


Illustrations: Feliciano GZ

Publisher: Alfaguara, Grup promotor, Edelvives (Spain)